Whoopi Goldberg Comes Out Bashing Conservatives And Supporting Flag Burners [VIDEO]

Whoopi Goldberg is a turd and she hates America.

She’s bashing conservatives, stomping on America, and basically telling people to go burn flags.

She’s possibly the worlds biggest loser and deserves to hang out in a safe space with liberal snowflake weaklings and have a cry-in.

This is America. If you don’t like it, then GTFO.

Burning the flag doesn’t mean you’re a criminal or protestor, but you’re something else and that word begins with A and ends with HOLE.


Maybe Whoopi GoldTURD can hang out with Colin Kaepernick when he’s holding a clip board for the arena football league next year.

Donald Trump said anyone who burns the flag should go to jail. I voted for Trump, but he’s wrong on this. It shouldn’t be a crime to burn it, because it IS a form of free speech, and if we ban that – then we open the doors to ban everything else. AND – if we open those doors, then the idiot loser liberals will try to make everything else illegal.

Can you imagine a day when we can’t call liberals a “P*SSY” everytime they’re having a cry-in or running to their safe space? I can’t let that happen.

We know that every decent American loving citizen of our great country will not burn a flag. I won’t. You won’t (better not). And anyone who loves America won’t be caught burning a flag.

And while we should put the flag burners in jail, doing so gives them power to try and ban every thing else and we just can’t do it.

We will tolerate the flag burners and make fun of them on Facebook and the rest of social media. We will post their pictures and laugh at them like the losers they are.

Burn the flag? Go ahead, because every time one of those weak liberals burns a flag, there’s always a chance they light on fire with it or a protestor gets ran over.

I hate saying we shouldn’t make it a crime, but I will really hate when some moron liberal attorney tries telling a judge “well flag burning is illegal, so calling someone names should be too” and then people like me get in trouble for calling snowflakes a basement dwelling, gender confused, weakling bag of….you know the rest.


eHeadlines – Sounding a lot like Colin Kaepernick, the professional football player who refuses to stand during the playing of the national anthem before games, Whoopi suggested the flag does not fly for all Americans.

“The flag does not always represent all of its people,” she declared. “All of its people were not taken care of under our flag.”

Whoopi then justified the actions of those who set Old Glory ablaze.

“People are angry,” she said. “They sometimes get angry and they burn the flag.”

Goldberg took exception to co-host Paula Faris when she said that while people may have a right to burn the flag, many do so out of “hate” for America. Faris echoed what many Americans think when she added that they should “just leave.”

“They don’t hate this country,” Whoopi chimed in. “Stop saying that.”

Yes they do.

They hate themselves too.

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