Racist Whoopi Said Conservatives Made Her POOR, Immediately Regrets Opening Her BIG Mouth


All Whoopi has done with this ridiculous claim is make the rest of us even more excited and ready to see the liberal butt hurt tears for the next 8 years, and I say the next 8 years because it’s becoming more and more obvious that the left isn’t willing to really understand why they lost in the first place.

Therefore they will continue to do and say things that will make them lose again.

This woman is a whack job with a brain full of ignorance and doo-doo butter.

Before I go on, you’ll need to watch the video to know what I’m talking about….

Prepare yourself, it’s not good for the blood pressure.

So she is going to state that she can throw down a list of celebrities who lost their ability to make a living in Hollywood because they were liberal but…then doesn’t actually show us the proof.

There is no correlation between a libtard celebrity losing their job, and right wing celebrities. Is she crazy? Short answer, hell yes she is.

She even has the audacity to consider herself one of the poor loony libs that were so unfairly treated they couldn’t even make a living for themselves. Wow, she must have had it really hard…right?

Oh I don’t know…maybe we should look at the numbers. Numbers unlike Liberals, don’t lie.

Ok according to the report Whoopi’s net worth is: 45 Million

Ummm…does that sound like someone who is struggling to make ends meet?

Poor Whoopi really has it rough. No…no she doesn’t that would be sarcasm.

Anyhow, she goes on to claim that we the ‘right’ need to stop acting like liberals don’t let us speak our opinions unless they align with theirs, she says that is a lie and that’s what we do to them, not vice versa.

This is when you know, she has either lost her mind or she’s just pain ignorant to the truth.

That truth being, STOP being bullies. That’s not how you make friends, and certainly not how you win an election.

What are your thoughts on Whoopi’s comments? Should she go slap herself?

Of course I mean that in a non-bully gentle and very friendly way….

There’s that sarcasm again.

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