Crazy Lib Whoopi Goldberg Attacked Mike Pence, He Just Got Epic Payback! (VIDEO)

Is there anything out there… any action or opinion that is vile that Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar don’t love? Seriously, I’m asking, because every time these hose beasts open their pie holes, they show how biased and truly uninformed they are. Every. Single. Time.

Former Fox News host Jedediah Bila was having none of the nonsense being spewed over the Hamilton performance and Vice President-elect Mike Pence. Whoopi justified the cast for singling him out and addressing him in public, in what I consider to be a rude overture at the very least and severe disrespect in their actions towards Mike Pence. The View shrews could not resist bringing up Pence’s Christianity and trying to use it as a weapon against him and a justification for the disgraceful actions of these actors.

From Raw Story:

In contrast, Bila said she “didn’t mind the statement” but minded “the way it was done.”

“I think there has to be a place—Mike Pence didn’t show up there as [vice] president-elect, he showed up with his daughter to see a play,” Bila argued as her co-hosts protested.

“This was not a political discussion,” Bila continued. “If I went to see a play, I’m very vocal politically on this show, if I went to see a play—“

“But you’re not vice president and they wouldn’t be doing this to you,” Whoopi Goldberg interjected.

“Maybe if I explain how this works you’ll understand it better,” Goldberg continued. The seven-time Broadway alum explained to Bila that once the cast realized Pence wouldn’t be coming backstage, they read the statement during curtain call “because they wrote this for him, they wrote this to him.”

Goldberg also pointed out there’s a precedent for cast members speaking out about important issues from the stage, including during Broadway Cares/Equality Fights AIDs events.

But Bila wasn’t convinced. “The way that I felt hearing it was, you’re basically marginalizing that person in the audience,” Bila argued. “You’re saying, ‘you’re part of the problem. I hope that you won’t be, but my perception of you is that you’re the other.’”

And I resent Goldberg talking down to Bila like she’s an idiot. It’s arrogant and just plain mean. I don’t care if there is a precedent for actors doing this, it should not be allowed. People are there to be entertained, not to be lectured on their political beliefs.

“What’s wrong with seizing the moment though?” Joy Behar asked “They’re not going to have this chance again. There he is, the perpetrator of anti-gay policies.” Everything, you twit. First of all, neither Trump or Pence are anti-gay as far as I can tell. They support the gay community. This was grandstanding and an attempt to embarrass Mike Pence.

Pence went to the play with his daughter to enjoy it… instead he got a dressing down by those on stage. He may really not have minded what happened, but Americans do. What happened at the performance of Hamilton is a big indicator of what is wrong in America today.

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