WHOOPI THE BIRTHER: Whoopi Wants to See Cruz’s Birth Certificate, But Not Obama’s (VIDEO)


I never thought I’d see this day, amazing when the shoes on the other foot. But the only problem is one admits where he is born whereas the other (Obama) lied.

From Breitbat: Monday on ABC’s “The View,” Sen. Ted Cruz’ (R-TX) birth in Canada to an American mother brought up the birther attacks on President Barack Obama.

When Nicolle Wallace said of Cruz’s birthplace, “That’s going to be the least of his problems,” Rosie Perez interrupted, “For you to say, as a Republican, that him not being born in this country is the least of his problems is insane, insane. I love ya darling. Obama birthers and all of that stuff—they made it a huge issue.”

Apparently unaware Cruz  released his birth certificate in 2013, guest host Michelle Collins said “I’m a Ted Cruz birther. I want to see the birth certificate.”

Whoopi Goldberg chimed in by saying  Cruz is “one of the people that said, well, the president, huh, you know, I want to see your birth certificate. And you’re a mixed gentleman, right? You are mixed. I want to know, are you talking for the Cuban side or the white side? What are you talking for? See, now, when we turn it around, it’s not very nice. So Luckily we have better stuff to concentrate on than where you were born, Ted. But do know that we are aware of some of the things you’ve said.

She added, “Some of this is ignorance.” Continue Reading

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