Whoopi Just Opened Her Mouth Again About Trump And INSTANTLY Gets A NASTY Surprise!

Are you ready almost six minutes of the most liberal BS you’ll ever hear, from the most haggard washed up creeps you’ll ever see?

I knew you would be excited for this. But are you as excited as I am?

I was more excited for this video by the sea whales on The View (worst show ever) that it paled in comparison to when I lost my virginity in high school. It didn’t last six minutes, but that’s OK.


Just kidding. I’d much rather relive that quick moment on a weekly basis, but since that’s not an option, then I’ll just kick back and listen to Whoopi Goldberg spill diarrhea from her mouth like the crusty dog butt that she is.

This clip is from the show, The View, which is perhaps the worst show ever made. Not sure how people tolerate this nonsense.

The video highlights Bill O’Reilly’s points that say liberals claim you’re a bad person if you perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

That’s funny because there’s a historically black college marching band who just signed on to perform on what could be the biggest stage of their lives.

The witches on The View discuss Bill O’Reilly saying the liberals are guilty of “Reverse McCarthyism.”

Of course the liberals on The View will deflect and smash Bill like he’s the white devil of the world.

Wikipedia states – McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence. It also means “the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism.”

The girls are making it seem as though Bill is wrong, but he’s not. The leftists are criticising their own people simply because they consider performing at Trump’s Presidential inauguration.

Does anyone realize that millions of people will be watching the Presidential inauguration? Do people forget that this is a massive platform for people to perform at? If you’re not a major celebrity, and you’re asked to perform, then you say YES.

Even if you voted for Hillary Clinton, you say YES and you go perform. This is the biggest stage and a HUGE honor to be asked to perform for the President.

Imagine being invited by the President to perform at his event. That’s crazy and anyone with a brain would accept that invitation and use it to their advantage.

But of course, liberals and democrats don’t think beyond their own silly beliefs, so they condemn anyone who might perform for Trump’s party.

If I was a Hillary voter (I’d hate myself), and I was in a rather unknown band, and the President elect asked me to perform, then I would say YES immediately.

This could be a door opener for some people and anyone who says no is ridiculous.

Make it work for you. Enjoy the night. And don’t watch The View. It causes your brain to malfunction when you hear these weasels speak.

This is what I hear every time I see The View.

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