Whoopi’s Racist “WHITE LASH” Tirade: “Why Black People Don’t Want To Talk To White People” (VIDEO)

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

We have an idiot saying that Trump’s victory was a “WHITE LASH” but he forgets that Hillary is white too. So no matter who won, the people voted for a white person. It’s not like there was a black, Asian, or anyone else in the deciding victorious election in which Donald Trump stumped Hillary fair and square.

That’s not a “white lash” – that’s people not interested in Hillary as their leader. And let’s be honest, Mr. White Lash Guy – what has Hillary Clinton done for black folks ever in her entire life? Nothing. She doesn’t care about black people unless they vote for her. We all know Hillary is all about Hillary and not about the people. Come on now, stop being stupid and saying things that are misconstrued and turned into race bait.

No one is falling for the term “white lash” because it’s stupid.

Then here’s Whoopi strutting in with her two cents like anyone cares. She dated WHITE TED DANSON in the early 90’s and now she like the angry anti-American who pulls the RACE CARD every chance she gets. Maybe Ted left a bad taste in her mouth. Cheers to Whoopi for being a women who seems to hate America and your name is always underlined red because spell check can’t figure it out. However, put the race card away and stop causing problems. The majority of people aren’t racist and it would be nice for these liberal hacks to stop suggesting that every white person on their block is a racist. Want to end racism, then stop talking about it and stop telling everyone they are racist.

Who in this video looks and sounds like a racist? Whoopi and the “white lash” guy. They’re purposely saying things in hopes to trigger some white person into ranting about black folks so they can call white people racist in response.

Nope. Not eating your race bait. No bites on this worm. Black people do want to talk to white people. White people want to talk to black people.


However, some people just don’t want to talk to Whoopi. I’m one of those people. She was hilarious decades ago, but now she’s a washed up big mouth with nothing good to say.

Whoopi sucks.

Here she is sucking. She looks like a black female Ben Franklin with those glasses on.

American Lookout – Whoopi Goldberg can’t seem to let the election results go. On The View, Whoopi related race to the recent presidential election.

Whoopi discussed CNN’s Van Jones remarks about how “white lash” from white voters contributed to Hillary Clinton’s defeat. That is when her co-host, Jedediah Bila took exception to that remark and which began this heated debate.

Goldberg claims that, “We know that it’s part of the underlying conversation; it’s been part of our conversation for eight years because no President has ever had to deal with this. None! There is a lot of that and whether you agree with it or not or not, as a black person and a person of color and a person that has been paying attention to this, it does have some effect.”

Whoopi is so irrelevant that she’s stooped to the race baiting levels.

Don’t worry, America, we all love each other. What we don’t love is haggard ladies like this who look like a turtle-head waiting to be pushed out.

This is a troll meme of Whoopi. It’s not racist. It’s just a meme. However, I am sure there’s people who don’t understand how the Internet works and they will call me racist for posting it.


I assure you that it’s not racist and suggest you look up the “y u no meme” on Google.

And to that, I say good day sir.

Non racist white guy out.

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