WIDESPREAD VOTER FRAUD: Philadelphia Democrats Pass Out Pro-Hillary Brochures At Polling Sites (VIDEO)

OH SNAP! What the hell!? Voter fraud widespread throughout Philadelphia is going down! Democratic snake operatives have been BUSTED red-handed pushing Hillary on voters by passing out pro-Hillary Clinton brochures inside polling stations.

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a Glassdoor Pay Equality Roundtable in New York

This is really bad news for them…because they got caught on video with their political pants down.

See for yourself!

There they are, breaking the law…committing voter fraud, and smiling while doing it too!

But of course, you won’t be hearing about any of this unlawful madness on mainstream media, because they are just as rotten and corrupt as the next Hillary Democrat.

The audacity right? Honestly, do they really think a brochure is going to help that Clinton woman look any less evil? If anything maybe we should allow them to continue breaking the law. They might just be helping republicans by attacking voters with their agenda…

Who likes someone coming up to you when you’re about ready to vote, just to tell you who to vote for?

I hope the spite kicks them square in the ass.

BUT FIRST… let’s ensure the Clintons stay OUT of the White House. Ok?

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