Wife of NFL Player Whines About Her Husband Being FIRED Over National Anthem Protest! BOOM!

Indianapolis Colts cornerback, Antonio Cromartie, joined the handful of idiot athletes in a kneeling protest against the National Anthem. Shortly after, Cromartie was unemployed. His mouthy booty-bag wife blames everyone but Antonio.

From having the job of a lifetime to having no job! BOOM!

His mouthy wife claims that his protest was the reason the Colts sent him packing.


The Blaze – Terricka Cromartie, wife of former Indianapolis Colts cornerback Antonio Cromartie, who was released from the team on Oct. 4, is claiming her husband was dropped for protesting during the national anthem.

During a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars earlier this month, Antonio Cromartie took a knee and raised his fist in protest, and now his wife is claiming the move cost him his job.

I say the Colts did the country a solid by letting that 32-year-old washed up over-paid disrespectful jerk head to free agency and spend his time in the unemployed bracket with the other free agents hoping to make it to a practice squad and earn a few bucks.

Maybe Cromartie just isn’t good anymore. Maybe he was actually released because his skills are no longer NFL worthy. If he was so good, then another team would’ve picked him up by now, but it appears that he’s still an NFL free agent.


I think every player who kneeled for the National Anthem should be fired and sent to fight in a war so they can see what it’s like to want their freedom back.

Every piece of sh*t scumbag overpaid degenerate athlete who can’t respect our great country should be forced to live on the streets and eat dirt sandwiches while they beg for change from the people walking by.

Every one of these kneeling athletes should stand a few weeks in the fry line at a fast food restaurant and cash those checks again, making them wish they stood up when it mattered and remind them how lucky they are to be professional athletes, most of which are millionaires.

F*ck Cromartie and his wife.

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