Wife of US Pastor Imprisoned in Iran Issues Huge Challenge to the American People


(The Conservative TribuneNaghmeh Abedini, the wife of jailed pastor Saeed Abedini, issued a desperate plea at the Conservative Political Action Conference last week for the United States government to start speaking out for religious freedom abroad.

Saeed Abedini was jailed during a June, 2012, trip to Iran, where he was held for helping start small Christian churches in the country in the early 2000s, when such activity was tolerated.

His wife gave an impassioned speech in which she described the ordeal of two-and-a-half years trying to bring her husband home.

“What message are we sending to the world?” Naghmeh Abedini asked. “When we don’t speak, we are doing the same thing the persecutors are doing to my husband.”

And his persecutors are getting more violent. Saeed has dealt with harsh conditions during his time in Iranianprison, and including physical abuse. But the greatest punishment, according to his wife, is their separation.

“It has been very difficult for the kids, and I have found myself being a single mom,” Naghmeh told the audience.

She also said that her husband had prayed for a religious revival in the United States before he left for Iran, and said that Americans should “turn our eyes back on Jesus” to fight injustices like her husband’s imprisonment (H/T Western Journalism).

“Religious freedom is a core value I believe we’ve steered away from,” she told the CPAC audience. “(The) world is waiting to see where we stand on religious liberty — and there’s been a lot of silence.”

“As he’s standing up for his faith,” she asked, “how are we as a nation standing up for him?”

The Obama administration has always turned a deaf ear to the plight of persecuted Christians, especially in Iran and in Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood.

Given President Barack Obama’s favoritism toward Iran and his strong desire to craft his legacy by forging an agreement with the Muslim nation regarding its nuclear program, it’s going to be difficult to get the Obama administration to take action to secure Abedini’s release.

But it’s time that we made the administration listen. Not just for Saeed Abedini, but for all persecuted Christians worldwide.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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