Wikileaks: Chelsea Clinton Caught Stealing From Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation is just the latest thing related to Hillary Clinton that’s wound up under FBI investigation. The Foundation faces allegations of “pay for play,” as a number of their largest donors were granted special favors from Hillary and her State Department.

Wall Street whistle-blower and financial analyst Charles Ortel described the Foundation as a “charity fraud of epic proportions.” We already know that less than ten cents on the dollar of the revenue the Foundation brings in actually goes towards charity. They spend more on travel alone than they do on charity.

When 90% of their revenues are going elsewhere, it’s easy to speculate that some of the funds are flowing back to the pockets of the Clintons. For instance, there are major discrepancies between the records the Foundation keeps and reality. “I decided it would be fun to cross-check what their donors thought they did when they donated to the Clinton Foundation, and that’s when I got really irritated,” he said. “There are massive discrepancies between what some of the major donors say they gave to the Clinton Foundation to do, and what the Clinton Foundation said what they got from the donors and what they did with it.” Ortel said.

As for the Clinton’s guilty, it may not just be Bill and Hillary.

As Conservative Outfitters reported:

The Hillary Clinton campaign was blindsided Thursday by another round of leaked emails from WikiLeaks. Email #7136 is particularly interesting as it raises a lot of questions about how the foundation distributes money. The leaked email in question was sent by Laura Graham, Chief Operating Officer of the Clinton Foundation & Chief of Staff to President Clinton and appears to show Chelsea Clinton using funds from the nonprofit foundation to pay for her for profit work.

Read the email in question below:


The scandals of Bill and Hillary Clinton date back decades, and it looks like Chelsea is going to continue the family legacy. She was born into a political dynasty, so she’ll undoubtedly be running for public office sometime in the future.

Let’s start keeping tabs on her scandals now, because this will likely turn out to be the first of many.

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