Wikileaks EMBARRASSMENT: Look Who Hillary Camp Describes As “F***ing Dumb”

Millennials are idiots and losers with mismatched genders, skinny jeans, and beards so well crafted that you’d think a French artist flew in to tidy them up each week. And all that stupidity has gotten millennials nowhere. They’re just dumb as hell. I’m talking about the dumbest of the dumb. They can’t figure out their gender (the one you’re born with). They can’t do math (college can’t be free). And most of the snowflake millennials supported psyco socialist, Bernie Sanders, who had his run for POTUS ripped away from him by Hillary Clinton and her scandalous (possibly fake) votes.

Hillary tore Bernie’s chances so hard that he should’ve pressed his Life Alert button and called for help.

Hillary Clinton wasn’t losing to a dinosaur socialist who looks like he’s three days older than God.

But millennials love Bernie Sanders and wanted him in so bad that they cried when he lost.

Boo f*cking hoo.

Millennials just took another hit from the crackpot herself. Hillary Clinton kinda thinks millennials are losers. She’s right. Millennials are losers if they’re leftists. If they’re intelligent, then that means they’re probably not liberals or democrats. So pardon me, some millennials have potential if they’re not associated with the moronic gender-confused leftist nuts.

Look at what they said about you, millennials!


Don’t worry, millennials! You have a shot at redemption. If you want revenge on Hillary Clinton for calling you “f*cking dumb,” then step up and vote against her. Vote for Donald Trump.

Don’t waste your time on the trendy third party. They don’t win. They don’t even need to be in the election. In fact, the third party should stop begging for attention. No one cared about them before and they don’t care about them now.

Jill, get out.

Gary, get out.

Let’s give millennials a chance to prove they’re not the idiots we think they are. If millennials step up and vote for Trump, then maybe we can let them pick their gender for the next four to eight years. Hey, I don’t care what gender you are, but don’t let me see a girl’s skirt blow up in the wind and reveal an 8-inch-hog.

No thanks to that!

Who wants to hook up with this shim?

Read more of my news commentary on Freedom Daily and Trending Views. There’s only two genders.

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