Wikileaks Exposes Democrats Fake Trump Groping Plot! All A LIE!

The Wikileaks emails that have been continuously released are truly a gift from God. Better yet they are the gift that keeps on giving. The show more and more the corruption of not only Hillary Clinton and her pions but the Democratic Party, the Democratic National Convention and the mainstream liberal media. Moreover, the interconnected corruption involving all those people and institutions.

New emails show that the Democratic National Convention concocted the Donald Trump groping allegations before anyone was going to come forward. Showing they created the narrative in order to steal voters away from Donald Trump and send them towards Hillary Clinton to change the narrative of the election away from Hillary Clinton’s own wrongdoings.


Look at Wikileaks Twitter below,

We all knew it was coming from somewhere. So it makes perfect sense that this controversy that Trump finds himself embroiled in was concocted by Democrats. Just look at how the 2005 leaked Access Hollywood video came out. Just days before the Presidential debate. That was no coincidence. It does not excuse his actions but consider the source.

Clinton clearly thinks the more mud she throws on Trump the worse off he will be closer to the election. But came in point the more mud you throw the more loyal his supporters become. Which is how Hillary’s peons are too. Nothing is going to force Donald Trump out of the election, he has made that much clear.

But more importantly no amount of back door dealing is going to make the Democrat’s any better off than they already are. All it does is make them look more corrupt and more guilty for all the crimes they are committing in order to try and expose Trump and the Republicans.

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