WikiLeaks Founder Just Warned Conservatives To Brace Themselves For Next BIG Drop — And It’s BAD

This past week, WikiLeaks released a treasure trove of information regarding the CIA and its connection to the Obama administration. What was once a conspiracy theory became fact, and to understand the magnitude of it all will take some time. Sadly, we don’t have that luxury after what Jullian Assange revealed in his latest broadcast recently.

We are now aware that the CIA has gone rogue. It is sickening to know that these people are spying on the American people. Companies such as Apple and Samsung are painfully aware that the CIA has the ability to hack into their systems. Assange has announced that he would help these companies regain control over their products.

“So I want to announce that after today, considering what we think is the best way to proceed and hearing these calls from some of the manufacturers, we have decided to work with them to give them some exclusive access to the addition technical details that we have so that the fixes can be developed and pushed out, so people can be secure,” Assange said during the press conference broadcast via Facebook Live.

Assange also touched on how this lack of control has caused destructive ramifications.

 “The Central Intelligence Agency lost control of its entire cyberweapons arsenal,” Assange said. “This is an historic act of devastating incompetence to have created such an arsenal and stored it all in one place and not secured it.”

Assange also added.

“There’s absolutely nothing to stop a random CIA officer” or even a contractor from using the technology.The technology is designed to be unaccountable, untraceable; it’s designed to remove traces of its activity.”

You can watch the entire video here.

No matter what is done to secure these devices, the CIA still has this ability. Who is to stop these rogue agents from continuing to use these hacking tools? This is terribly frightening and I know for myself I feel very uneasy. As a political writer who is to say that they cannot place “Russian fingerprints” on my devices in order to silence me or my coworkers?

This is the time for us to speak out and continue resisting these totalitarian tactics. They know their number is up and we must root them out once and for all.

H/T [ Western Journalism ]

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