Wikileaks delivers another blow to Hillary Clinton, trying to destroy what’s left of her pantsuit existence.

This article should also serve as the breaking point of the black voters to switch from democrat to right wing parties. The democrats don’t care about African Americans, Hispanics, or Native Americans. Democrats care about votes that help ensure the rich democrats continue to have jobs. If you’ve ever noticed, the poor democrats are still poor. If democrat run cities have held the offices for so long, then how come their cities still fall apart at striking rates?


Political Reviewer – The email chain began with a request by Podesta for recommendations on selective oversampling to “maximize what we get out of our media polling.”  Podesta directly referenced oversampling Hispanics and Native Americans and using Spanish language interviewing.  He directly advises limiting polling of the elderly while getting the largest number of blacks included.  Podesta instructs polling in wider regions to be conducted inside the inner cities to the greatest extent possible.  He also suggests that whenever possible polling be conducted in areas that had previously voted most favorably to the Democratic Party and on progressive issues.


Polling inside inner cities targeting minorities because they think they can easily convince the people who might be uneducated. Uneducated because they’re a minority or because they don’t stay in school? If they don’t stay in school, then is that because the democrat mayors and local leaders don’t actually care about education? If they don’t stay in school, is that a measure made because of their color or because of their rotating cycle of young uneducated parents making bad decisions.

Either way, the people living in low income urban locales have a target on their back and the democrats are pointing the weapon. They want your vote and they will say whatever they have to to trick you.

Why don’t democrats target the rich people living in expensive homes in the suburbs? That’s because those people don’t fall for the dirty democrat tricks. The people who’ve made a living for themselves understand that democrats are just the whiny losers and crybabies who didn’t fit into the republican party.

Democrat politicians are millionaires too, but they act like they aren’t. They call out the republicans for being rich and successful, yet the democrats are driving expensive cars and own vacation homes like no other.

To see a Podesta email that involves a chain of people targeting blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans on purpose should be the sinking anchor that drops Hillary’s campaign to the bottom of a deep, dark, sea forever.

Nothing wrong with having a female President, just not this female.

Republicans don’t have to beg for votes, they just get them.

Democrats are trying to trick the minorities into votes.

Support your right wing politics and don’t fall for the trickery of Hillary’s campaign.

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