WikiLeaks Just WON This Election For Trump – Drops BOMBSHELL On Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s campaign certainly was not expecting the reopening of her criminal investigation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Because she thought she had the election in the bag and that her pay to play antics actually worked. But Julian Assange with Wikileaks does not really care about that.

Wikilieaks has dropped another nuclear bomb on the campaign as well as Clinton’s fellow Democrats. But this time the person who is being targeted is United States Secretary of State John Kerry. The man who holds Clinton’s old job. Wikileaks proved that Kerry recently went to Ecuador for a meeting with none other than Julian Assange spokespeople. The founder of Wikileaks. The President allegedly sent him on his behalf to try and convince the Wikileaks founder to not release more damning information about Clinton before the election. Now, if I were Assange I would have asked for a remittal of all my charges and pardoning in exchange for that!

Kerry went to Ecuador because Assange is currently held up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, England where he cannot leave for fear of prosecution and extradition to the United States. Ecuador is temporarily providing him protection and asylum so Kerry went to the country to speak with government officials.

Wikileaks posted these news updates to their online Twitter account,

It looks as though Wikileaks will not be backing down. Which is nice to know. Perhaps it will teach Clinton and Obama that not everyone can be bought and sold despite their beliefs otherwise. People may disagree with what Assange does but he at least has integrity with what he does. He believes in the cause and is willing to do anything and everything for it. Even if it means sacrificing his own freedom.

No one can deny him that at the very least.

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