WiKiLeaks: Leaked Email Reveals Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Cover-Up, FEDERAL CRIMES!

More Wikileaks emails reveal that Hillary Clinton is the criminal we all know her to be.

Email #9722 show that the Hillary Clinton campaign specifically used the Associated Press as well as the State Department to get rid of the emails that were subpoenaed in order to further the cover up of her failed leadership in Benghazi.

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The emails show that the Hillary Clinton campaign specifically went to the Associated Press because they knew they had friendly sources there. Which is slang for, they had people in their pockets who could do their bidding for them. Showing the bias of the mainstream liberal media yet again.

This is nothing new. Hillary Clinton has long been criticized for her role in the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2013 in Benghazi, Libya that led to the death of several American embassy personnel and military members. But the Federal Bureau of Investigation failed to charge her for her crimes or hold her responsible. And the American public for that matter has largely ignored what she did. Otherwise they simply do not care.

These emails show once again that not only did Hillary Clinton fail those Americans in Benghazi, Libya several years ago by not doing her job but she facilitated in and participated in a cover up. Which shows a degree of culpability. Because she knew she did something wrong. It is truly baffling to try and understand how anybody would think that a liar, criminal and a murderer is worthy, deserving, or fit to be the commander in chief of our country and the leader of the free world.

Hopefully everyone shows her this November what they really think when they do not elect her.

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