Wikileaks Just PROVED Just How Far Obama’s Disturbing Spying Addiction Truly Goes And It’s Bad

WikiLeaks is the gift that keeps on giving to the American people. Of course, the left will never admit that since it completely shatters their “god” Obama. While the rest of us knew Obama was a freak show WikiLeaks just confirms it all. Take for instance, what WikiLeaks has just recently revealed in the explosive Vault 7 drop. Now, the world knows exactly how far Obama has gone with his spying and it only gets worse.

Obama certainly has a proclivity to spying and according to WikiLeaks, it started way back in 2008. That is when Obama spied on a climate change strategy meeting between then-United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Of course, the liberal media is quick to say that this was the only time Obama did such a thing, but that is not entirely true.

In 2013, the Los Angeles Times reported that the Obama administration signed off on surveillance of foreign leaders. The L.A. Times even reported that staff members at the NSA were livid that Obama said he was not aware of the spying.

Even the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank said it “stretches credulity to think that the United States was spying on world leaders without the president’s knowledge.”

But, that is not all folks. American journalist James Rosen was also subjected to being spied on including his family.

Conservative Review reported that “the Obama Justice Department secretly subpoenaed two months’ worth of 2012 phone records from Associated Press journalists” — and also “collected the phone records of Fox News reporter James Rosen and his parents.”

It is almost laughable that the liberal media would even attempt to say that Obama never spied on anyone. The entire NSA program about spying on the American people and foreign leaders. For anyone to say anything different would be absurd. Ever since the inception of the NSA program, it has proven to do more harm than good. It is time to get rid of it and give people back their privacy.

H/T [ Conservative Tribune ]

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