Wikileaks: Qatar Gave Clinton Foundation A Million Dollar Check For Bill’s Birthday!

Wikileaks just blew open a mega madness case of the heebie-jeebies when they showed everyone what Qatar gave wet willy Billy Clinton for his birthday.

Wikileaks isn’t playing around and they’re going all out with this information. I’m really shocked Julian Assange hasn’t been assassinated yet and found to have died of natural causes floating in a dumpster down a waterfall of acid. Him and the Clinton’s are at WAR! If you wanted WWIII, then this is it. The battle of information from the WikiLeaks crew is getting heated like a summer sausage on a steaming hot grill.

Things are getting really juicy folks. Read below.


BizpacReview The email indicates foundation officials also met with representatives from Brazil, Peru, Malawi, and Rwanda to discuss donations and philanthropic strategies for the Foundation.

“[Qatar] Would like to see WJC ‘for five minutes’ in NYC, to present $1 million check that Qatar promised for WJC’s birthday in 2011,” Ami Desai, director of foreign policy for the Clinton Foundation, wrote in 2012.

The email was sent to a number of Clinton aides, including Doug Band.

The thread also indicates that Qatar allocated $20 million for development in Haiti, after a massive earthquake devastated the impoverished Caribbean nation and left nearly a quarter million dead. Desai indicated the Qataris “would welcome our suggestions” as regards investment priorities.



What was this money to Bill Clinton really for? Weapons, young interns, secret handshake deals? What deplorable conspiracy theory can we think of that sounds reasonably believable? Anything is believable at this point, right? The election is a reality show and we’re the biggest audience…and possibly the biggest losers.

What do YOU think this money to Bill Clinton was really for? Please sound off in the comments. No conspiracy theory is too deranged. We want to hear from you.

Also, at this time I would like to request a meeting with the Qatar. I will give them double the time that Bill Clinton provided. He gave them five minutes for a million bucks, so there’s no reason I can’t give them ten minutes. I’ll even bring my 22lb cat for good measure if they want to pull a Trump and grab something by the p*ssy.

I have a lot to say. Not as much or intrusive as Wikileaks, but I could ramble on about memes, crime, and show viral taser videos with the best of them.

This has to sound extremely entertaining to people overseas, right?

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