WikiLeaks: Just Leaked This SECRET AUDIT And Blew The Doors Off The Clinton Foundation!

There is not a day that goes by where Julian Assange and Wikileaks do not make the front page of the news or at least get reported on. Especially with the constant dumping of emails concerning Hillary Clinton’s private email server. This time, a private auditor who did a secret evaluation of the Clinton Foundation found that they are engaging in illegal conduct and activity. No surprise there.

Look at some of the evidence here from emails of Foundation employees and spokespeople.


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The KSG report found that their was little in regards to procedures and processes set up and in place across the Clinton Foundation. Meaning their is little infrastructure for it to function properly and legally. They even noted that some of the missing ones make it illegal as they are federally obligated to have them.

The employee manual is said to not be distributed, used, or followed on a continuous basis making it difficult for employees to have a baseline of what they need to be doing and what rules they need to be following. The report also found that compensation does not provide for training making employees at time sorely underdeveloped and prepared for the job. Leaving many ineffective.

Overall the report found that they were highly at risk but legally and functionally which has led to massive inefficiency. All of which undermines the work it is meant to do.

Basically what this report has found is that the Foundation is largely inept. It does not really work and is mainly nominal with no real function. A shell corporation for the Clinton’s pay to play schemes for how they run politics. Just imagine how poorly she will run the United States when she could not even run her own corporation or function properly as Secretary of State when given that responsibility. Except this time the American people are the biggest losers of all.

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