WIKILEAKS Warns Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile: You’re Next!!!

Wikileaks has continued to release a series of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta despite the organization’s founder Julian Assange being cut off from the internet by the Ecuadorian government.. which wasn’t totally suspicious and proof of corruption at work at all (sarcasm intended).
Though many of the emails have caused the Clinton campaign to do damage control, it seems that Wikileaks may have been holding out its most damning emails for closer to the election. And those emails may be damning for DNC chair Donna Brazile and Hillary’s VP Tim Kaine.
It seems that everyone connected to Hillary has a skeleton (or twelve) in their closets.
As the Gateway Pundit reports:
On Thursday Wikileaks released Barack Obama’s emails to Hillary. His pseudonym was [email protected] (Not very creative!)

Maybe this is why Obama let Hillary off the hook? He knew his emails were all over her server.
(Even though he lied about it!)

Tonight Wikileaks warned DNC Chairperson Donna Brazile and vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine: You’re Next!

What could be in those emails?

Thus far we’ve seen some damning emails from Brazile. One showed that she had forwarded debate questions for a CNN townhall with Bernie Sanders to Hillary ahead of time. It’s ironic that she’s the new DNC chair, as the last chair (Debbie Wasserman Schultz) had to resign over ethics charges released from another hack.

Time Kaine is in denial over the Wikileaks hack, offering up the same defense that Hillary has in pointing out that the hack was likely a result of Russian hackers. Apparently if information is obtained by Russian hacker, we’re supposed to believe that then it isn’t valid.

Kaine is offering up that defense because he knows they’re going to release something big on him, and he needs to deny it before it’s even released. What he has in store, we’ll await in anticipation as Kaine sweats bullets.


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