WIKILEAKS: You Wont Believe How Long Its Been Since Hillary Has Driven a Car….


Hillary Clinton can’t ever seem to get a break. Likely because she is constantly breaking the law. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has put her through the wringer by releasing all her emails from her private email server. That’s of course when the media isn’t piling on her. Justifiably so. The releases have shown some wild facts that people didn’t know. But a few new facts will surprise people as well.

Some emails revealed that Hillary Clinton had not driven an actual car in thirty five years! Other emails mock her for her comment that she and Bill Clinton were dead broke after leaving the White House. One set of emails shows Clintoj telling Wall Street backers at private speeches that it was foolish for people to bash them. Encouraging them that the economic problems the country faced was something everyone got into together.

Clinton reportedly said that after Obama left office we needed a new direction and a change of course. Obviously indicating that she was the likely inheritor and next President to be. Which is how she has always viewed herself.

None of these facts are at all surprising. Her not driving for thirty five years just proves how inept and out of touch with average American is. While the other revelations are not completely new they show how corrupt and two faced she is. These vices are some of the difficulties that the majority of American voters have with her. However, she always seems to get away with her crimes and her vices. Which is perfectly shown in how the FBI let her off Scot free for a second time in a row.

Whomever wins the election either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton it will not be at all surprising.

Look below at the breakdown of the emails,

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