WILL THIS BE A HATE CRIME? Only Whites Are Racist? What Female Thug Said Amid Attack Proves Otherwise


From Mad World: A Charlack, Missouri woman is behind bars today after an attempted stabbing, but it’s what she said during the attack that has everybody talking. Despite the fact that liberals would have you believe that only whites can be racist, Twanna Brown recently proved otherwise.

The incident took place at a local 711 where another man was standing behind Ms. Brown in line. At that time, “The customer behind her got too close in her words and she whipped out a knife and attempted to stab the guy. She told him she ‘kills crackers all the time,’” according to Charlack Police Chief Steve Runge.

Brown’s victim, who wished to remain anonymous, states that the attack was completely unprovoked. He then went on to say, “Her finger came within an inch of my face the first time. Then she went to go reach again and the clerk behind the counter was trying to tell me she had a knife.”KMOV.com

 Although he didn’t initially see the knife after Brown had brandished it, he was able to escape injury free. He’s since been left wondering if his attacker will be charged with a hate crime.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. According to KMOV, “Runge does not believe the attack was racially motivated.” In fact, the police chief went into detail, saying, “She just lost it. She went off on this customer and he happened to be white. I think she lost control of her emotions but I don’t think it was racially motivated.”


As demonstrated by the comments, common sense would indicate that this is nothing short of a hate crime. If you are going to target someone and proceed to yell racial slurs at them, completely unprovoked, how can you even suggest otherwise?

There will always be bigots in the world, and real racism does exist. Too bad for liberals, Brown just proved that anyone can be racist – regardless of race.

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