WIN: High School Student Who Bragged About ‘Undocumented’ Status..Gets Reported

Hopefully they send her back to where she came from. I’m tired of illegals coming into our country and sucking us dry. You wanna be an But come here the right way.

Tired of our people getting ripped off..yet illegals get every free thing in the book.

From Louder With Crowder

Oh to be young and feel stupidity’s keen sting. A recent high school graduate took to Twitter to boast about her grades, appendages, and scholarship – which was fraudulently acquired… Because she’s an illegal immigrant.

Tell me again how illegal immigrants are “hiding in the shadows.” Also, she’s getting a free ride through college via taxpayers’ money. Yay her! Except not really, because her bragging went viral. Now everyone knows her full name, school, and location. Aaaand they know she’s a law-breaking criminal. #Oops

Here’s a screenshot of that fateful tweet, courtesy of


She forgot to tack on “oh and I’m prime for deportation.” But Twitter reminded her.

Yeah, she deleted her account. Just couldn’t take the heat, despite what one may assume about someone from Mexico. I know, I know. She may be illegal but she’s successful. No harm done. She has a high GPA so she must be a good person, right? Read More

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