BREAKING: BIG Win For O’Reilly After SICK Truth Comes Out About Why He Was REALLY Fired

Liberals are drooling spit all over their mother’s basements after hearing about what happened with Bill O’Reilly. They’re so happy in their rent free roach motel in public housing that they already think 2020 is in the bag for democrats. Even Antifa clowns are jumping for joy so hard that women are literally walking into fists to celebrate the removal of O’Reilly.

Not so fast, losers. One guy getting ran off TV doesn’t mean a damn thing. Saying this man has a history of being a jerk and sexually harassing women puts him in the same category of Bill Clinton. While Bill’s escapades may have been with one woman, that we know of, it doesn’t make any difference. Whether it’s one or a ton, it’s still wrong. AMIRIGHT?

The leftists love every minute of watching O’Reilly pack his bags and ship out, even though their own people have been historically known to exhibit the same, or similar, behavior.

And now we find out something else about the happy-go-lucky leftists that might rain a few drops on their parade.

According to The Gateway Pundit, this whole O’Reilly fiasco has been one big setup by liberal minded Media Matters, Bonner Group, and George Soros. That makes sense when you think about it. A leftists group targeting prominent figures in right-wing television who have decent ratings really does make sense. You can’t knock the left for targeting the successful people on the right. However, it does put a slight damper in the cases against Bill and his sexual rumors.

I’m not one to speak about Bill as if I know about him off the set or other than him being a TV personality, but it sounds like lefties have it out for him. They label him as a misinformer who has some other issues revolving around racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia – all the things a typical leftist calls you when they lose an argument to facts.

Are these true? I don’t know. A leaked email seems to think so. However, the leaked email is just one page that doesn’t provide samples or evidence to back up the claims. It’s going on the notion that everyone knows everything about Bill O’Reilly. If there’s one thing that I do know is true, it’s that everyone does NOT know everything about O’Reilly. Therefore, there are no factual items to base this evidence on other than Bill’s body of work over the years, but if you’re someone who couldn’t care less about him – then how would you know if any of these statements or claims are true? I couldn’t care less about Bill O’Reilly, but I will certainly not label him as anything other than a guy on TV who apparently had good ratings. If I had read this email without knowing who he was, then I would ask “where’s the evidence to support these claims” and judging by historic moments in leftist history – there would be no facts to back up these claims. Leftists usually lose arguments when a right winger brings out the fact sheet. When faced with facts, the leftists resort to defense tactics that involve them screaming, acting violent, or labeling people as a racist or something else that ends in -ist or -ic. You could tell a liberal that 50+50 is equal to 100 and they would call you a numerophobic (just made that up).

Let’s observe a supposedly leaked email that suggests this witch hunt against Billy O is the work of the Soros-meister himself. A smear campaign caught by leaked email?

Looks like Mary Pat has some ‘splaining to do! On top of that, I wish Bill O’Reilly sexually harassed me and paid me $13 million. I’d give $10 million back to him as a “thanks, I know you didn’t really do it, so here’s most of your money back” courtesy.

Did Bill sexually harass women? I don’t know. How does anyone know unless they’re a victim? If there are five women who claim this is true, then does their story match up? Or is it like the loads of women who saddled up with Bill Cosby thinking they would become the next actress with a Pudding Pop in their mouth, but became nothing, so they called Cosby a rapist? I’m sure Bill Cosby slipped a few mickeys in a few drinks, but there’s certainly something strange about the huge number of women trying to get a paycheck from a cross-eyed aging pervert. I would have to read the full case file and statement from each of the five women before I EVER claim Bill O’Reilly had anything to do with sexual harassment. Even if he settled the case to make it go away, that doesn’t always mean the person is guilty. Sometimes it’s cheaper to settle for one price, then to pay MORE for the attorney’s to prove your innocence. These things can take years to figure out, so if you can make it stop and go away cheaper and faster, then it’s always worth it. It’s not an admission of guilt by any means, it’s sometimes just the cheaper way to deal with things such as five women who may not even know what sexual harassment really is.

A few people Tweeted about Bill O’Reilly.

Wednesday, Glenn Beck tweeted out a screenshot of an email from the Bonner Group. The Bonner Group is a leftist fundraising Super PAC for Hillary Clinton under the employ of George Soros’ Media Matters.

Glenn Beck throws his spatula in the pot of Bill O’Reilly’s mess, even though he has his own trouble brewing with Tomi Lahren.

Look for the Bill vs leftist nonsense to brew to max capacity soon. This is going to be a battle that might be fun to watch.

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