CHICAGO PROGRESS: Woman Stabbed, Not Shot, To Death On Chicago Train By Black Lives Thug


I suppose Obama & all the gun-grabbing libs consider this a “win.” They’re probably thinking, “Hey, she got stabbed to death! Gun control works!” F-cking idiots.

Here’s the story from DownTrend:

ABC 7 reports that a woman was fatally stabbed on the CTA Red Line train in Chicago’s South Side. The stabbing is bad enough, but it comes with some added terribleness and a bit of a mystery.

Around 12:30pm, passengers noticed a man talking to a woman seated across from him. Witnesses say he asked the woman if she had any children and she responded “no.” With that, the man got up and attacked the woman with a knife.

He stabbed her several times and she fell to the floor. He got on top of her and slashed her throat.

“He asked the young lady a question, she said no, and he got up and started stabbing her. She fell toward the floor and he slit her neck,” said witness Andrea Patterson.

Passengers panicked and tried to run away from the attacker. A few male passengers tried to help the wounded woman, but the attacker kept them at bay with the bloody knife.

At the next stop, the stabber ran off the train and was promptly arrested by officers who were waiting for him. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.”

Fox 32 Chicago covered the story.

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