Wisconsin Lawmaker Issues RED ALERT To Trump Fans, What Hillary Is Doing Is AWFUL

Democrats want a dictatorship in America.

A dictatorship where their party rules.

The recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are stalling tactics by the Dems so that those states will have to forfeit their electoral votes.

If those states’ electoral votes aren’t counted, Trump won’t have the 270 he needs to be declared president.

Wisconsin Representative Sean Duffy (R) explains that he believes this is exactly what is happening.

Via Angry Patriot Movement:

“Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI) went on with Tucker Carlson to talk about the recount efforts in Wisconsin.

According to Duffy, the Democrats and the Green Party are trying to stall the recount in Dane County where they are holding a hand recount. The recount does not look like it’s going to be completed by the deadline, December 20th, and that will force the state to forfeit its electoral votes.

This was the liberals’ plan all along—they were well aware they would be unable to make up 20,000 votes, so they decided to stall so the state would be unable to declare its vote for the president.

Meaning, Wisconsin, which voted for and was won by Donald Trump fairly, might have to forfeit. The votes have to be counted within the first 35 days after the election. And the Democrats knew this, of course.

Jill Stein waited until there was only 90 minutes left before Wisconsin’s deadline for filing the recount petition. This was a trap all along by the Democrats, and this is why many people refuse to trust them—they’re always planning something.

All of the votes have to be certified by December 13th, and the electors meet on December 19th to cast their votes. It looks like Wisconsin is sure to miss that deadline now because of the schemes of the Democrats.

The last recount took more than a month to complete, and that was for a state Supreme Court contest where only a small number of votes were cast, 1.5 million. If they miss their deadline on the 19th, then those electoral votes may not even be able to be counted. And frankly, that is a disgusting ploy from the Democrats. Shouldn’t someone be realizing this is happening and put a stop to it?”

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