Witness Cheers Vicious Assault on White Policemen: “F— the Police!”


As the popular narrative is being perpetuated lately of the growing problem of cooperative young black men being assaulted by white cops solely due to the color of their skin, footage was just released which seems to contradict that theory.

The Hawthorne Police Department in California responded to a disturbance call at a strip mall where a man was asking shoppers for money and threatening them if they did not comply with his demands.

From the footage recorded by a witness, two police officers can be seen trying to detain the man, who then becomes belligerent and starts fighting the officers.

The man recording the incident cheers on the suspect while repeatedly yelling, “F— the police!”

During the scuffle, the incident becomes violent as one of the officers is punched in the face. According to the video description on Live Leak, one of the officers was knocked out during the altercation.


According to the station’s press release, the suspect was eventually subdued after several rounds of being tased.

The man was later identified as Thomas Christopher Brown. He was charged with assaulting a police officer as well as obstructing/resisting of an officer. He is currently being held on $150,000 bail and is awaiting arraignment at the Los Angeles County Jail.

If the case is to be successfully made that blacks are continually harassed by white officers while simply attempting to go about their business in a peaceful manner, this type of footage certainly doesn’t help establish that false narrative. Breaking the law and then assaulting unarmed police officers certainly isn’t the way to make you look like the innocent victim in the situation.



Courtesy of mad World News

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