CLINTON BODY BAGS: Woman Investigating Clinton Foundation Child Trafficking Found Dead!

Further down the rabbit hole we go.

A story appeared on Reddit today about a young woman who was in Haiti to investigate child trafficking in that country. Monica Petersen was a former intern with the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking based in Colorado. The organization is a “nonprofit organization dedicated to combating human trafficking.” Petersen was a Research Fellow at the Human Trafficking Center according to her Facebook page.

Apparently Petersen was critical of the Clinton Foundation and was researching the work it did in Haiti. She wondered whether a mine in Haiti that was owned by Hillary’s brother Tony was linked a child sex trafficking ring. Petersen believed that trafficking was going on at another site that the Clinton Foundation had setup. That site was very close to the mine that Hillary’s brother owns.

A screenshot of Petersen’s research was posted to Rebrn.


Petersen’s friend, Bella Robinson, posted this on her Facebook upon learning about her death (Note: The post has been deleted since the writing of this article. Bella’s Facebook account is here). In her post she linked to the Reddit story.


Apparently Petersen’s research led her to a Haitian blogger who is researching the Clinton’s dealings in that country. Her friend Bella posted Petersen’s findings to her Facebook.


Here’s an excerpt from the Haitian blog Petersen linked to in the above picture.

Carlos Slim’s net worth is more than $64.8 billion dollars. The richest man on earth is a Mexican telecom mogul, whose career’s “most interesting parts” are his links to businessmen “suspected of involvement in Mexico’s so-called ‘Cartel of the Southeast.” He is a Clinton associate and donor to the Clinton Foundation. In 2015, Carlos Slim became the largest shareholder in the New York Times. William Engdahl, an author and lecturer with a degree in politics from Princeton suggests in this revealing article that this may explain why we will not be reading about the “murky dealings” of The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation in Haiti from the New York Times; “formerly America’s most respected newspaper of record.” According to Haiti activist Ezili Dantò: “The Clintons have used governmental power to conduct their private business and called it ‘helping poor Haitians.’”

Hillary Clinton should get far more scrutiny for her scandalous conduct in Haiti; from rigging the March 2011 presidential election for her favored candidate Michel “Sweet Mickey” Martelly (supporter of the CIA created death squad FRAPH) to insuring that her brother Tony Rodham and “a company that barely exists.” got a “sweetheart gold mine concession in Haiti” that “royally cheated” the state of Haiti.

Bella responded to someone who commented on her post about Petersen dying. She replied, “I found out what happened, and if you message me I will explain. I don’t think it is appropriate to post what I know in public.”


Petersen’s Facebook page shows that she checked into Haiti.


One of her friends pondered going to Haiti himself to find out what happened to her.


To make a long story short, Petersen believed that there may have been child sex trafficking going on at the Haitian mine that Hillary’s brother Tony owned.

If this all ties back to Hillary and her foundation, it could be quite the bombshell.

A memorial service for Monica will be held on Friday the 18th.

By Jeff Rainforth
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