Woman Demands Store Owner Give Her Stuff for Free Because… SLAVERY? [VIDEO]


A black woman with a very weak understanding of either math or American history — or both — went off on a pair of convenience store owners, reportedly after being charged 20 cents for a glass of water.

The woman’s tirade included the dual assertions that her grandmother had been a slave and that she “just died this year.”

Now, I can’t be positive about when this video was taken, but it was posted to YouTube in 2011.

Assuming that the woman’s grandmother passed that year, she would have most likely have been born in 1907 — 44 years after the Emancipation Proclamation freed most of America’s slaves, at least on paper, and 42 years after the Thirteenth Amendment freed the rest.

She may very well have not had an easy life in Georgia, particularly during the first half of the 20th century. But she was no slave.

But that was only the beginning of the madness.

The woman goes on to blame immigrants — including the Chinese, Indians, and Vietnamese — for coming to America and taking over businesses in black neighborhoods.

And she said that the two convenience store owners — white Africans, according to Top Right News — were only successful because crack had destroyed black families.

“You reap the repercussions and you reap the benefits of crack being brought into our communities,” she said.

Watch her insane rant here:

Crack and other illegal drugs are a terrible social evil that have not done America’s black community any favors — granted.

So was slavery — also granted.

But neither those nor any of the other claims that this woman makes have much relevance to her point.

If she wants to change her life, she has exactly one option available to her — stop blaming other people and “the system,” take personal responsibility, and start taking positive action.

Anything else is just useless liberal whining.

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