VIDEO: Woman Fires Gun At House While Holding Terrified Child… Kids Will Be Future Criminals

This story is heartbreaking in more than just one way. What can you do when you understand the madness but know it was wrong? Really…what do you do?

This Mother of two took to Facebook Live in her anger. She had bought a house through the Detroit Land Bank…and that “American Dream” purchase resulted in her arrest.

She purchased the home for a $1000. It was made known to her that the home itself would be a huge fixer upper project. What she didn’t know, was that the home was about to be demolished. She had neither the means or the skill available to her to fix up the mess of a house that she bought. So she is angry.

Mind you, this woman works a minimum wage job at Burger King. What a $1000 means to some, to her means everything. She didn’t purchase this home thinking she got a steal, she purchases this home feeling the same way others would feel that were in better standing purchasing a $200K+ home… it’s an investment and you hard earned money went into it.

Learning that the home she had bought was going to be demolished, she had no way out. She couldn’t stay in an unlivable home and she had no where else to live. Her children and her were going to have to live in a shelter.

When you’re in that place in your mind…where you literally feel powerless to provide for your kids after thinking you had just made your dreams come true … it is easy to have a meltdown. Crying out for help in this sort of emotion…usually looks like you are ‘crazy’ and ‘unstable’ …because in those moments when you first learn your kids are in danger and there is NOTHING you can do… you are crazy and unstable.

With that said…here is the video:

The woman pulled out her gun, and shot it…while her young son was standing a couple feet away, and her little girl was right there in her arms. Does this look like the woman has lost her mind, and has become a danger to her own children…yes. At the same time, during this video…did yous sense that this woman wished harm on her kids and didn’t care for them? No.

Her desperation and anguish is real. She felt an injustice and it pissed her off.

Craig Fahle from the Detroit Land Bank issued a statement about Sheppard’s situation.

“The DLBA sells homes that are in need of significant rehabilitation. All properties sold include photographs showing the condition of the home and potential buyers have the opportunity to view the homes before purchasing them. Ms. Sheppard has had difficulty with the renovation project she began. Since she purchased the property in March, 2016 for $1000, the DLBA has attempted to connect her with multiple organizations and resources that could have helped her with her project. The Detroit Land Bank will refund her $1000 purchase.”

This isn’t a matter of anyone taking advantage of her or deliberately trying to push her down. It’s not about color or status either. This is like most cases that get blown out of proportion… is a lack of communication, and a lack of understanding.

The Detroit Land Bank cannot check the level of understanding everyone has that purchases through them, just as this Mother cannot be expected to understand more than her experiences in life have taught her.

Two different worlds, no communication.

Leaves you with one woman who thinks better off folks are after her, and the “better off folks” thinking she’s gone certifiably insane.

That ladies and gentlemen…is how you get over half of the chaos that’s taking over our country now. Except in our country…there are also hidden puppet masters who actually ARE trying to create anger and anguish…but that’s a story for another day.

Of course, there are people who think the complete opposite of me.

One person, Chynah Flemmings, wrote: “Her son was scared to even get close to her …. child services where are you? Anyone donating to her is a fool.”

Of course he was scared. It wasn’t his Mother…it was a whole other woman who had became desperate. He didn’t recognize her.

Detroit police say that the woman, Andrea Sheppard, was arrested Friday in Oakland County, one day after the video was posted on social media. She was not with her two children at the time she was taken into custody, police said adding that they are safe.

The woman also set up a GoFundMe page with an original goal of $10 million, but lowered it to $100,000. It currently has $1,222 pledged to help her.

Some GoFundMe users were outraged at the video which was originally included with the post.

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