Woman Flips Off Dead Soldier… Then Karma Smacks Her Down Hard


Lindsey Stone made an incredibly bad decision in 2012, when the young woman decided to have a picture of herself taken while giving the bird to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

Karma, as it turns out, hasn’t been kind to Ms. Stone. Now, she’s very much wishing she hadn’t done it in the first place.

After the picture went viral in a very unpleasant manner, both Stone and the co-worker who had taken the picture on a trip to the National Cemetery were fired from their jobs.

Their employers were notified of their actions by a deluge of calls from angry veterans and Americans. In fact, one veteran even started a page called “Fire Lindsey Stone,” picking up 19,000 likes before disbanding after its mission was accomplished.

Stone has received death threats and says she’s afraid to leave her house. She’s also been besieged on social media.

“You should rot in hell” and “Just pure Evil” were two of the multitude of negative judgments she received.

Even her father wasn’t terribly impressed by her behavior.

“It was just a spur of the moment, total lapse of judgment,” Peter Stone said. “She wasn’t reacting to the place. She was reacting to the sign and she apologizes to everybody.”

In addition to her professional life, the incident has seriously impacted Lindsey Stone’s social life.

“Since it happened, I haven’t tried to date anybody,” she said. “How much do you let a new person into your life? Do they already know?”

Stone finally found a job working with autistic children, although she worries the new employer will find out about her past. She’s also enlisted an online reputation-enhancing service to help her out (H/T Mad World News).

While Stone’s offense was fairly grave and highly objectionable, no one can wish perpetual punishment on someone for what wasn’t a crime, and she should certainly be allowed to get on with her life.

However, what happened to Stone should be a reminder of the gravity of disrespecting our troops and what Americans think of those who do.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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