Woman So ‘Freaked’ Out by Store’s Ammo Sign, She Confronts Owner — He Responds In Epic Fashion!

If you don’t like what a store is selling, don’t but their product. At least, that’s how a rational person would behave…

Liberals will tell us “if you don’t like abortion, don’t get an abortion,” or “if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married” but when it comes to guns, they logic seems to be “if I don’t like guns, BAN THEM ALL IMMEDIATELY.”

The Blaze reports on just the latest example of this kind of thinking leaking out into the real world:

A Massachusetts store owner was criticized after posting a sign that reads “WE SELL AMMO,” just days after a gunman opened fire at a gay nightclub in Orlando, killing 49 people and injuring dozens of others.

“It freaked me out when I saw it,” Mandy Davis, who lives in East Gloucester, Massachusetts, told the Boston Globe. “I had a visceral reaction. It just seemed so violent.”

It was “ugly timing,” Davis continued.

This woman is apparently unaware that shooting happen all the time. There are shootings besides mass public shootings you hear about on the news. Does that then make it “ugly timing” to sell guns at any time? Of course not.

A similar example could be made with cars. Hundreds die in car accidents every day – is it wrong then to sell cars?

In a positive turn of events, the shop’s owner isn’t backing down.

But in the wake of the Orlando shooting, Davis said that Allen was “taking an opportunity to blast his politics in a violent way.”

Allen disagreed, saying that he would rather be the one doing the shooting than the one getting shot.

“You gotta protect yourself,” Allen told the Globe.

“Every week something happens,” Allen said. “You can’t link this with anything. It just happened.”

Allen said he has about 30,000 rounds of ammunition at his store, which he keeps inside a locked cage door. He also has guns in a safe, which he said he would sell were it not for all the forms to fill out.

Allen said his intention was not to stir up controversy by selling ammunition. Rather, he said, the days after a mass shooting is exactly when people should be “reminded that you can protect yourself.”

The Massachusetts shop owner pointed out that one of his friends stopped by the store to voice support of the sign.

“You should put the sign in neon lights,” Allen said he was told by one individual.

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