Woman Hired to FDNY Despite Failing All Physical Tests… Because #SJW “Equality”


Steven Crowder nails this one on the head. I too would want these people to be qualified regardless of their skin color. 

Thier lack of ability will put others in harms way and could very easily cost people their lives. A standard is set for a reason and we need to adhere to this. 

(Louder with Crowder) I’m a reasonable person. The best person for the job matters more to me than skin color or gender, but I understand why having a diverse workforce is a nice idea. We are the world and all. Still,  you should at least be able to do the job.

You know, unlike a new FDNY hire that needed instructors to fudge results all in the name of diversity.

…never achieved a passing score of 17 minutes and 50 seconds on the Functional Skills Test, a course of job-related tasks in full gear such as stretching hoses and dragging dummies, according to an FDNY source familiar with the training. She did not come in under 24 minutes in practice tests.

[She] also failed to run the required 1.5 miles in 12 minutes or less — even after the running course was slashed by an estimated quarter-mile, the source said, alleging that the start and finish lines were moved to shorten the run.

She was one of 282 court-ordered “priority hires” a judge commanded must get preference because of “past discrimination.” Yes this is a real thing.


This means that when it comes to a life and death situation, when you need someone to drag your limp body from a burning building, when you need someone to dive back into said building to save your baby in record time… you may not get the best person for the job. Instead of a strapping, young, physically capable fireman, you may instead see a gender-fluid, pansexual bantamweight waltzing in to save you.

Reaction3“I’m going to die here.”

Most importantly, you may actually get somebody completely unqualified for the job. You may find yourself being served by someone who couldn’t even meet the basic requirements to be “adequate” at said job. Because bewbs. And racism.

Excuse me while I whip out my white, cis-male privilege, but is this how far we’ve gone with SJW political correctness? Really?! Can we seriously not even agree that when your job revolves around saving other people’s lives, that the only requirement be that you’re the best qualified person for the job? Strike that; how about just being physically capable of said job?

Political correctness is literally beginning to take lives. My guess is that when leftists need a qualified firefighter to save them, and instead find the latest butch-cutted SJW intersex hire on the scene… they’ll change their tune quickly.

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