Woman Horrified To Find What Thug Left Behind On Her Floor After He Broke Into Her House And Got Away

In a testament to our God-given right to defend ourselves in our own home. 54-year-old woman shot, and literally made a would-be assailant poop his pants as he was trying to escape.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the scene in Ocala by a woman hiding in her own closet. It appears that the assailant, who was apparently inebriated banged at her door to come in. When she refused to open the door he proceeded to break it down. The homeowner then proceeded to grab a .22 caliber handgun and her cell phone and races up the stairs to her bedroom closet where she called the police from her cell phone.

The assailant broke into the home, took off his shorts and raced upstairs after her. Once upstairs he went into her bedroom and forced himself into the closet, where the homeowner shot him in the abdomen.

The oddest part of this whole incident is that once the authorities got to the residence they found a man shot on the floor of the home with feces smeared all over himself. Apparently, the man had defecated on himself after being shot by the homeowner.

The assailant has been identified as Victor Alex Etherington, 27 years of age. He was taken to Ocala Regional Medical Center where he underwent surgery. His condition is currently listed as stable although he is in Intensive Care.

Detectives in the case say the man might have actually lived in the home for over a decade before in the past, was indeed intoxicated. Charges in the bizarre shooting are still pending until police manage to figure out exactly what went on here.

“The MCSO reports states that Ehterington “forced his way into the bedroom, took off his shorts, which he had defecated in, and forced entry into the closet where the victim was hiding.”

Etherington “ended up with no clothes on in her bedroom,” confirmed Lauren Lettelier of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, who said he is recovering after surgery at the Ocala Regional Medical Center, listed in stable condition and facing multiple charges upon his release.

The homeowner knew how to deal with the threat and had the necessary tool at hand – more importantly, she knew how to use the firearm and didn’t hesitate to use it, literally scaring the “you-know-what” out of the would-be home invader who no business demanding entry to her home, breaking her front door down, chasing her upstairs, and forcing entry into the safe space where she was hiding.


That may be a hard thing for him to live down with his future roommates in prison.

The woman fired one shot, which hit Etherington in the abdomen “and stopped him,” the report states.

Deputies who had been dispatched for a possible “burglary in progress and shot fired” found Ehterington “naked behind the bedroom door.”

Etheington was taken to Ocala Regional Medical Center, where he was in the Intensive Care Unit in stable condition on Monday, according to the MCSO.

The report states that Etherington was not known to the woman and detectives believe he “lived at the location for about 12 years before he moved.” The report also noted, “it is believed the suspect was under the influence of alcohol.”

Assistant State Attorney Ric Ridgway said that although he could not comment on the case, a homeowner has had “no duty to retreat” when using deadly force if they are in fear for their life even before the laws know as “Stand Your Ground.”

God Bless the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution and the fact this homeowner lives in the great state of Florida where our constitution still counts for something. If not for both this story could have ended very differently for her.


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