Woman Kicked Out of Kroger Store For Offensive T-Shirt

A local woman went into her Kroger store near her home to grab a few things while grocery shopping. But things took a turn for the worse when she was asked to leave because she offended one employee who said she was sick of looking at her. Because of her shirt. The woman’s name is Meredith.

She had begun the process of checking out when she headed to the register to leave. As she began to out her stuff on a conveyor belt she was told she should not because the cashier would not even check her out. The employee who told her to leave said she had to leave the store because the other employee thought her shirt was a slap in the face and was going to cry if she continued to see it. A bit melodramatic much?


Kroger has a reputation for turning paying customer away for similar reasons as Meredith. Meredith is similar to others in that she refused to let it go and speak out about it. Good for her! Meredith was showing support for her husband who works as a law enforcement officer. A husband who is sworn to serve and protect everyone and outs his life on the line to protect others. Despite not having any authority as a cashier they still kicked Meredith out.

Once she left she let others know what happend to her. One person she spoke to was Kimberly Colleg who is the Executive Director of Blue Bow Foundation. The found son supports police officers and other families too. Cooley was none to pleased with Krogers behavior either. She said,

Our husbands risk their lives every single time they put on those uniforms, they’re walking targets and this is the least we can do to show there is support out there.”

Colley’s non profit had previously supported the store but subsequently cut ties with them do to their actions. A simple example of cause and effect. This is the second known time employees of Kroger have disrespected cops and their families. A Louisiana worker refused to serve a cop at their Kroger store and the store did nothing about it.

They do not deserve the protection of the police if they refuse to even serve them when they are simply going about their business. But because cops are cops they will serve and protect them no matter what.

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