SICK Muslim Man In Gas Station Bathroom Forced The Unthinkable On WRONG North Dakota Woman

President Obama and his gender neutral bathroom policy are still having long-lasting negative consequences on the American people. And we don’t like it. Especially after a violent incident led to a woman being savagely attacked. A report was released indicating a Muslim male immigrant went into the female bathroom at a gas station establishment and raped a woman inside.

Law enforcement officials were able to detain the criminal, arrest him, and put him behind bars. He is being charged with rape, assault, terrorizing, and kidnapping. All five charges are felonies. Since the culprit did not appear at his mandated court appearance the judge set his bail at $1,000,000.

While he was raping the attendant he was chanting Allahu Akbar which translates to, “God is the greatest”, in Arabic. Witnesses have reported he tried kissing his victim before attacking her and that he called her his wife before pulling her into the bathroom.

Reporters were able to speak with the family of the culprit. His sister appeared on television to speak on behalf of her family. She insisted that her brother is suffering from serious mental disorders. Furthermore, she took the opportunity to explain that his actions are not representative of Islam.

She drew an apology between religion and fingers. She said that people are like fingers. Everyone is different, some people are good and some are bad. But not all Muslims or all Christians are bad. While giving the explanation she was in tears.

Hopefully, he remains locked up for a very long time so he cannot hurt anyone ever again. I am sure no one would be upset if they locked him up and threw away the keys. It is unknown if he as any terrorist connections but it is clear there was a religious aspect and motivation to the crime. Investigators have not commented further on it.

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