Liberal Woman Marries Muslim Refugee, Gets Two Bloody Hammers In Return After He Notices What She Forgot

Waves of refugee crime have drowned various locations in horrendous statistics, proving that the uncivilized and barbaric asylum seekers simply won’t ever assimilate.

Another day goes by and another violent refugee crime happens. The weapon of choice in this brutal, bloody, beating was a carpenter’s best friend. None other than the trusty hammer. A refugee found out that his wife forgot to cook him dinner and that’s when he went barbaric on her and beat her with TWO hammers while verbally abusing her. He hammered her so many times that you would’ve thought this man could drive a six-inch-nail with one shot blindfolded on the first try every time. Nope. Just another refugee reminding us about how violent they can be and how they literally find it impossible to assimilate to modern cultures and laws.

What might be allowed where these folks come from, wherever that may be, is typically not OK in any remotely civilized parts of the world. This is why countries should close their doors and perform extreme vetting before permitting any refugee into the country. But in all seriousness, is beating a wife with double hammers allowed anywhere? If it is, then think really hard about who those people are and why America, especially, should not permit them into the country without proper protocol and vetting.

A Pakistani asylum seeker who smashed his wife with a hammer when she forgot to cook his dinner has been allowed to stay in Britain.

Mohsin Akram, 21, repeatedly beat Mariam Hussain

What brainless liberal made the decision to allow a violent person to remain in Britain? You give them a place to set up a new life and this is how they act? That’s preposterous! That’s ludicrous! How can anyone allow a violent person like this to remain? A violent crime that was an attack, not a mutual fight, should require the refugee to be sent to where they ran from. We need to have higher expectations of refugees. Most countries have enough problems with their native people acting like fools, so no one needs any further violence added to the list of criminals.

Mohsin Akram, 21, repeatedly beat Mariam Hussain while drunk at their home in Cardiff.

He battered her with first one and then two hammers, shouting ‘you’ve had your chance to be a good wife’ as she begged him to stop, saying that he was hurting her.

If there was ever a case for marijuana to be legal, then this is it. People who are high on marijuana don’t hit each other with hammers. Alcohol is a terrible remover of the inhibition. The spirits bring out the devils and the devils make really bad decisions. But is that an alcohol problem or was that a problem brewing over a long period of time. If this man only needed a few drinks to beat his wife with a hammer, then how long was he thinking about doing it in the first place? This didn’t come out of nowhere. Perhaps the few drinks he had were what he needed to push him over the edge and finally get it over with. Thankfully she managed to escape and call for help. One wrong hit with the hammer in the head and she could’ve

The brute treated the 20-year-old, who he met on Facebook and married to get a visa, as a prisoner in her own home.

He forbade her from leaving the house alone, owning a mobile phone or having access to the internet or social media.

Months of abuse culminated in the assault in their one-bedroom flat in the early hours of December 24 last year.

Full-time mother Mrs Hussain told a court how she was ‘bruised all over’ in the 10-minute sustained attack before she managed to escape and call for help.

Months of abuse? Can’t blame the alcohol on this one. This is just a really bad human being who is a monster with some serious inner demons lurking throughout his body.

But that’s the problem with a lot of refugees. You give them a place to build a home and they turn around and do something horrible like this. Failure to assimilate has caused crime rates to go up wherever refugees are accepted. It’s like they’re all bad people. Maybe there’s a diamond in the rough somewhere, but for the most part, they keep living up to their violent crime influenced reputation.

Find me a story about refugees helping a community prosper. I don’t think a story like that exists.

Beating wives and gang rape is a lot more fun than living a good life of being productive, thankful, and resourceful. Why be a law abiding citizen when you can be a criminal refugee?

Makes no sense, but that’s what happens every day and people are tired of it.

Mrs Hussain claims she ‘knew the attack was coming’ but never imagined he would use two hammers.

‘He hit me in a way where I would still wake up the next morning, he wasn’t going to kill me that night,’ she said. 

She was a victim trapped and treated like a prisoner of war. Constant abuse had her fear for her life. She had a chance to run when he left to go drinking with his pals, but why didn’t she? That’s one question she needs to answer. Not for us, but for her and her child.
Wouldn’t you leave?
Would you let this man stay in your home?

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