Woman Raped By Bill Clinton Just SHREDDED Hillary For “Protecting A Rapist”

WHOA! Hold on a second. Did Hillary REALLY just vomit all over twitter about Trump, as if she’s taking moral high ground!? HER!?


When the news of Trump first broke I knew we’d never hear the end of it and that #nevertrumpers would be all over the story… because of course EVERYONE is the same person they are today as they were 11 years ago.

Think about it…who were you 11 years ago? You never said or did anything stupid back then right?

The difference between Hillary and Trump is…they both did and said STUPID things 11 years ago. However Hillary is still doing stupid stuff, only now she’s upgraded from stupid to dark and evil stuff. So what gives!?

Besides…who is she to take the moral high road when she goes to bed with the biggest pervert of them all every night!?

Anyhow, I digress…let’s get to the point here.

The woman Bill Clinton raped had something to say to Hillary about it all, and it deserves attention.

Simply because her response is a FLAWLESS KNOCKOUT!

Her name is Juanita Broaddrick, and I’m sure you know of her. She is the woman who Bill Clinton raped in 1978…the very SAME woman that Hillary then threatened shortly after Bill the douchebag did his deed.

First, you should know what Hillary said and what she posted on Twitter…


Now that you got to see that, get a load of Juanita Broaddrick’s reply:

…and that’s not all, the hits keep coming… with a final RIGHT WING HOOK!

If I didn’t know any better I’d find it hard to believe Hillary was even human. How could she find the audacity to get on social media and point a finger…she has EVERYTHING going against her!

What Trump was found saying…is bad, but he’s come forward and owned his stupidity from 11 years ago. He was just a rich dude back then talking the man talk. Crude yes… damning, no.

If you have any ability to discern, you will know, that is not the Donald Trump running for President now.

However, what has come out about Hillary… IS happening now, not 15 years ago, AND she does not own up to it. She tells lies to cover lies to cover lies…

There is a huge difference.

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