Woman Refuses Headscarf, Offends Muslim Refugees, All HELL Breaks Loose (VIDEO)

From Mad World:  Muslims take their beliefs very seriously, and any infidel who doesn’t comply could be subjected to harsh consequences. Unfortunately, one woman suffered the wrath of Muslim refugees first-hand, when she refused to comply with their rules. When she refused to cover herself in Islamic attire, all hell broke loose.

According to Fox News, one woman became embroiled in a heated altercation with Muslim refugees at a Migrant Reception Center in Belgium when she adamantly refused to wear a headscarf. Apparently, headscarves aren’t a religious necessity for her, but since Muslims consider the garment mandatory attire, she infuriated an entire group of angry refugees. In fact, they were so pissed when she shot them down, they began rioting.

Now, footage of the massive street brawl has gone viral on social media. It has been reported that more than 100 refugees began rioting and vandalizing the reception center that volunteers established as a safe haven to care for them during their time of distress. Apparently, the good deed didn’t matter when they all became angry over a headscarf.

Incidents like this should be observed closely by Americans who support the idea of refugees being relocated to the United States. These people are not accustomed to American culture and are used to living life according to their own standards. Regardless of how people have opened their doors and gave freely to these people — feeding them, clothing them, giving them shelter, and medical assistance — they still vandalized and destroyed what was built for their benefit.

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