Woman sent flying when parking rage thug smashes her jaw in (WATCH)

Wow! OK, this is why we need guns & open carry. You can bet your sweet a– this thug wouldn’t have done a thing to the woman if she’d had a Glock on her hip.
And when the thugs backed out, almost running over her husband? What is that, attempted murder? I woulda been blap-blapping with my 9 if they did this to me. Of course, I’d probably end up in the slammer for defending myself. Hope these thugs get caught and are charged to the hilt! Scum!


Heather Smith’s jaw was smashed to pieces after the single punch floored her in broad daylight.

She had told the yob that he couldn’t park outside her shop in Romford, east London.

Her business partner confronted two men in the car when they pulled up to visit Tesco – which is next door.

When they returned from the shop Heather’s husband Keith got into a scuffle with the suspect.CCTV footage captures the moment Heather dragged the man away from her husband.But he retaliates with a swift punch to her face, knocking her onto the concrete.

Hornchurch in RomfordGETAWAY: Heather’s husband tries to stop the yob
She lies in pain on the floor as her shocked husband leaves the shop.Heather — a multiple sclerosis sufferer — had surgery to correct her jaw following the brutal attack on March 16 but said she is still in a agonising pain, she told the Romford Recorder.

Now the couple are offering £1,000 for anyone with information that can help Havering Police nab the assailant.


Via Daily Star

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