Woman To Be Sentenced After Urinating On Public War Memorial…Disgraceful!!!

A woman was arrested and now sentenced for urinating twice on the even of the Battle of Somme centenary on a public war memorial. Her name is Kelly Martin and she is 42 years old. She desecrated the monument in Grays, Essex, in England. It happend this past April and then again in June.

The crime was committed in front of the public, mothers, and young children. Pictures were taken and went viral which outraged many when they were posted to social media on July 1st. This was the same time the nation was come protesting the 100th anniversary of the infamous offensive of Somme. It costed the British people hundreds of thousands of human lives and soldiers.

The battle took place in 1916. Martin was subsequently arrested on July 2nd but she denied the two charges of public indecency. She plead not guilty too to a common assault charge and charge of using abrasive language on a paramedic.

She was eventfully convicted of all the charges brought against her after her trial on the Basildon Magistrates Cout. The trial itself was short. She appeared in the same court for sentencing that she was tried in.

A veterans organization made an appeal to the court asking for a harsh sentence to be placed against her. They argued her actions caused great unrest to veterans and left them disgusted by her behavior.

They said,

“We feel that such a display of disrespect to our fallen brothers and sisters is a huge insult, not only to the fallen but to their families, who gave so much as well. These were not the actions of a drunken teenager on a night out celebrating exam finals, this was a coldly calculated loutish act, deliberate in its intention to both desecrate a memorial and insult those who have served the Crown.”

I say throw the book at her.


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