VIDEO: Woman Forced Toddler To Get High On Marijuana


Stupid people suck. However, stupid people that decide to become parents…are EVEN WORSE!

There’s a video that has posted to Facebook and it’s going VIRAL for a very sick and quite frankly terrifying reason. In the video you witness as a group of adults sit around a room smoking a joint.

Not too far into the video, you also see that there is a small toddler in the same room as them. One of the idiot women in the video continually blows smoke in the child’s direction.

You watch as the child turns away in disgust at one point, and in that moment…at least for me, I felt really sad for this world, and this child.

Of course, that’s not all the ‘stupid’ that takes place. The woman seems to think the whole situation is hilarious and laughs.

Yes, the vile woman laughs because ruining a child is humorous to her.


Check it out for yourself. Warning you though, your hope for humanity will plummet even further. (…and we thought that couldn’t possibly happen after seeing Hillary make it this far)

You will be relieved a little at least, to know that after this video went viral on Facebook, arrests were made. Two women that you saw in the video have been arrested on child endangerment charges. Currently there are also warrants being issued for the other adults involved in this sick video.

I say, good. Arrest them all. Even if they were not involved with the action of putting the child in danger, they should have gotten their asses up to help the situation and use a little common sense to save the child!

What do you think about this whole ordeal? Wrong? Acceptable? Who cares?

Well I care. This is the problem with society, and why it’s going down the crapper. Children follow in the footsteps of whatever they are taught. If their example is a dumb ogre, most likely they will grow up to be a dumb ogre.

It’s a cycle that needs to stop or pretty soon future generations will be plagued with so much stupidity, even North Korea could take over America.


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