Jessica Colleran, a 22-year-old from Virginia Beach, Virginia, was recently arrested for fraudulently taking a lost dog and trying to sell it on Craigslist.

The 3-year-old Siberian Husky, Nikita, initially escaped from her yard on Saturday morning. The owner, Josh King, a soldier who had begun to lose hope in his dog ever being returned, was given a lead from his friend. The friend had informed him that he thought there was a dog exactly like Nikita on a “found dog” ad on Craigslist.

When King contacted the man who had posted the ad, he was given some disheartening news. The man said “a woman came and claimed her,” but thankfully, he had taken her information down and gave King another opportunity for retrieving his beloved pet.

Using the exact means by which she found the dog, Colleran decided to use Craigslist to attempt to sell the dog as well. Finding Colleran’s ad on Craigslist, King immediately decided to take action. He called Colleran, claiming to be interested in buying the husky she had for sale. Agreeing to meet, they both decided to converge in a park in Portsmouth. There, unbeknownst to Colleran, King would wait for her, along with Portsmouth Police and Chesapeake Animal control.

When Colleran was confronted about her crime, she kept repeating, “‘No, no the person gave me the dog.” Just like anyone would if they were caught in their deceiving act.

Woman Tries To Sell Soldier's Dog, Gets Exactly What She Deserved

Luckily, King had a microchip placed in Nikita, which assisted in the confirmation of Nikita’s identity. He still can’t believe someone would sell another persons lost dog for some quick cash.

As for Colleran, she has been charged with obtaining property under false pretenses and is currently at the Chesapeake Correctional Center. Unsurprisingly, according to court documents and Opposing Views, Colleran said she “tried to sell the dog to get money for her legal defense on a pending charge of unlawful wounding.”

It’s a shame that people will go to great lengths to get what they want in life, regardless of who they hurt in the process. Let us know your thoughts regarding her actions in the comments.

Courtesy of Mad World News

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