Woman Runs Into Trump Last Night At His D.C. Hotel, Gives Her BIG Surprise After Short Conversation!

Donald Trump gets a bad wrap. People think he is the spawn of Satan for some of the things he has said. But most people understand that humans beings are not one dimension individuals. One woman had dinner with the President himself last night in Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel.

A woman who comes from Florida was dining with her close friend and she has officially told Fox News reporters that the President paid her dinner tab that was over $1,000. They were at the Trump International Hotel in D.C. The woman’s name is Jenna Setticasiand she came to D.C. to partake in inaugural activities. As well as attend the inauguration.

Her friend is Michelle Rosser-Seiz who took a photo of the President who came for an impromptu appearance at his place of business that was not planned. Setticasi wrote the following on Facebook,

Trump just comped our bill! MAGA.”

The President stopped for dinner there after he ditched the press pool. There is a reason, and a good one, why he didn’t answer their questions. Witnesses attested to the fact that the President shook hands with a plethora of supporters who were dining there that night. Which is just like the President. He is a man of the people with a giving and charitable heart.

This is the same reason he used his own money to pay down the national debt and donate large sums of money towards various veterans organizations. He is charitable. There is o denying this simple and irrefutable fact.

This is exactly why he would do something like this. Because he cares about people, his constituents are the American people and he truly wants to make their lives better. If his campaign has shown this country anything he has shown us that. He will work with Congress and the Senate to make America great again.

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