Woman UNLOADS Full Magazine On 2 Black Thugs Who Broke Into Her Home! WATCH VIDEO!

A home surveillance video was leaked onto the Internet showing the very moment a woman realized their were armed intruders in her home. She proceeded to open fire on them as they ran for their lives like little babies!

Police from Gwinnett County, Georgia are looking for the two African American suspects involved who are currently out on the loose. The police were the ones who released the video.

28 year old Antonio Leeks was one of the intruders and he died as a result of the injuries sustained from being shot. She got him just as he was trying to escape. The incident took place on the night of September 16th. Police have indicated the woman who owns the house was an Asian American small business restaurant owner.

The thugs had kicked in the door at 4:00 A.M. in the morning which immediately woke the woman up. The videos of the event in question show several African American men in hoodies and jeans breaking in seemingly looking for someone in particular. Then all of a sudden the go running! That is when the woman appears with her gun having fired several shots. Once they have left she closes the door and appears to call 911 for the police.

Watch the event as it took place here,

Here’s a second, and even Better view of the awesomeness.

This is exactly why we should not have stricter gun control! We do not want our right to protect ourselves from thugs and criminals taken away simply because a few are mentally ill. Had this woman not been armed she likely would have been dead, stolen from, beaten or raped. Take your pick. Calling 911 would have meant having to wait 5-10 minutes and that was time she did not have.

Because she was a firearm owner she was able to immediately respond to the break in and protect herself and keep herself out of harms way.

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