A Woman Wearing A Trump Hat walked Into A Mexican Restaurant, She NEVER Expected What Happened Next!

Esther Levy is a diehard Donald Trump supporter and as a result she was kicked out of the Cancun Inn restaurant, a Mexican establishment, in New York City for wearing a Donald Trump hat! The restaurants employees told her she was being “rude.” Typical excuse. They couldn’t find a better one?!

Levy went to Facebook to express her justifiable outrage,

Well the Cancun Inn posted on their website where I complained that we were thrown out for being rude to staff! A total lie!! More lies: when the cops I contacted spoke to the co-owner, he said that I was abusing the customers and waitress, and a half hour after I left they got a call from “Donald Trump” believing I was behind it.”

She went on,

“I called the local news station and will be emailing Greta Van Susteren writing to all the local papers and Better Business Bureau, etc. All we did was sit quietly at the table where we were seated, and we were the only ones seated indoors) when our waitress approached to take our orders–then she was summoned and I could hear a bellowing voice telling her not to serve us!!”

The progressive wing nuts proved once again their blatant bias and willingness to completely disregard this funny thing called the First Amendment. They posted to Twitter, see below.

The Cancun Inn has profusely maintained their establishment doesn’t discriminate based on gender, gender indenting, race, religion, ethnicity, or political beliefs. I think thou dost protest a bit to much. If you’re not discriminating against people you wouldn’t need to shout from the rooftops how ‘equitable’ you are because it wouldn’t be a problem.

Just another example of the war on conservatives and the oppression by the left to try and suppress any opinions contrary to their agenda.

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