Woman’s Life May Be In Danger For Revealing Truth On Sterling, Castile (VIDEO)

In just this year alone, it seems as though tragedy has struck far more frequently here on American soil than that of what we have seen in the past.

Just last week, America was again struck with shock over the shooting deaths of 5 heroic police officers. This Black Lives Matter Movement has grown enough to hold protests in several major cities. Hatred, violence, and death is spreading across the country like a plague.

Of course, not all African-American people support Black Lives Matter, and despise the protests that has been a catalyst for spreading hate. Many have already made it known that they support our men and women in blue and they do not condone the actions of BLM activists in any way.

In fact, there is one such woman who has even decided to go live on facebook to share her reaction to the Louisiana and Minnesota police shootings that have been the cause of so much recent controversy and last week’s tragedy.

During her live-stream, Va’Shona Dixon called out Al Sharpton, stating he was a “racist”, and went on even further to call Obama, wait for it…

The “black God” that blacks voted for. She even threw in Jesse Jackson’s name, calling him a race hustler.

This girl is no joke, she is on fire, and is throwing heat at EVERYONE she believes is to blame for this race war that is rapidly spreading.

Here’s another fun fact, Dixon is also DIEHARD Pro-Trump! She wastes no time in telling everyone who votes for Hillary that they will end up in hell right next to her…

What this girl says during her now very viral live-stream will in no doubt be spinning the heads of many liberals. Her attitude can be summed up in this phrase… ‘Cut the crap and SCREW POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’

Race baiters are most definitely going to attack her rant for the words she is saying, and why? Well, that’s easy. She’s is completely destroying their ridiculous narrative and throwing them all under the bus for the corruption and lies they choose to tell and then believe.

Now it’s time to witness her rant for yourself. Enjoy!

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