Why wont American Muslims Rally For America?


Is it strange that America is under attack and being threatened by the most radical Muslim group that we’ve ever witnessed, and not one American Muslim will stand up against it?

The terror group ISIS has been attacking American’s on social media, even going as far as to tell American’s that all Muslims are against the United States, but American Muslims are silent as this terror group just implicated all of them as being terrorist who are against America.

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We would surely think at least one person would stand up and denounce these statements, but its an awkward silence.

Another post that originated in the U.S. has photo of the ISIS flag on someone’s cell phone standing outside the White House saying bombs would be exploding soon.  These are the most blatant threats on our people and not only are Muslims not taking action, they are doing worse, ignoring it.

I cant fathom why these people want to live in America and they don’t want to support our great country.  To my frustration things only became worse as I saw what was going on today in Chicago.

Muslims were rallying in fact, and they came out in massive force. But not to speak out against ISIS and their attacks on America, but to support a country that is led by a terrorist organization.

Why are American Muslims sympathizing with a terrorist nation who uses women and children as shields and propaganda? Is it because they believe Jews should be ‘obliterated’ like the Hamas terrorist group that they are supporting? These are only questions and I think many people are wondering the same thing.

Should we really be worried about the tweets ISIS makes about all Muslims being against America? It makes you wonder when the Muslim community is silent on the matter.  Actions do in fact speak louder than words and time will give us the answers to these questions.

Checkout all the Muslims rallying today in Chicago in support of a terrorist state! Sorry America you’re just not worth it to some people, you’ve become a threat to their ideology.

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