You Won’t Believe The VA Employed 167 Interior Designers With INSANE Salaries, But This is Worse…

Needless to say, the Veteran’s Administration (VA) is a bit of a s***show.

It’s a preview of what we can expect under socialized medicine. Poor care – and poor care that you only receive after sitting on a waiting list for an inhumane amount of time. It’s been confirmed that a third of the veterans on the VA’s waiting list are dead. That amounts to nearly 300,000 people who died waiting for care.

Their suicide hotline isn’t that great either. We reported earlier this year on the story of quadruple amputee Todd Nicely, who tragically attempted suicide after his pleas for help were ignored by the VA’s suicide hotline.

With incompetence like that, you’d think hundreds, if not thousands, would be held accountable. Nope. This is government, where nobody quits – and you can’t get fired.

Not only that, they’re rewarded handsomely for their incompetence.

Via BizPacReview

An army of 167 interior designers work at the Department of Veterans Affairs, picking window blind colors and buying millions of dollars of art each year, an investigation from The Daily Caller News Foundation has found.

The designers’ salaries are not included in recent findings that the VA has spent $16 million on art during the Obama administration. At least a dozen individual pieces of art cost a quarter million dollars or more each. Nearly $700,000 was spent on two sculptures at a hospital for blind veterans, the Palo Alto Polytrauma and Blind Rehabilitation Center.

At $100,000 in combined salaries and benefits — many actually make more — the cost of employing those 167 designers would add up to $17 million a year, or $136 million during the eight years of the Obama administration, making the salaries of the people in charge of picking out art dwarf even those art costs.

How nice.
If only they could employ some additional people to actually take care of our veterans – and devote those enormous salaries towards their medical care. Then again, I guess I’m expecting too much in wanting the government to do their job.

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