Worker Says He Needs To Dig A Hole In Woman’s Yard For Repairs, Then She Checks Surveillance Vid

Worker Says He Needs To Dig A Hole In Woman's Yard For Repairs, Then She Checks Surveillance Vid

A San Antonio, Texas woman hired a technician from AT&T to come out to her home and install some wiring while she was at work. She met the contractor there at the start of the job who had informed her that he was going to need to dig a hole in her backyard to lay the fiber wire, which is a common practice for the work she was having done. What wasn’t expected was what she saw when she remotely turned her video surveillance system on from the office.

The customer, who wished to remain anonymous, said she entrusted the worker to do his job in her yard while she was at work, like many people do, since it’s not always possible to take an entire day off for Internet or television installation. While she was working her alarm system began to trigger which typically happens when her dog starts going nuts inside the house. She flipped on the real-time camera from her computer to see what was causing the commotion and was shocked at what she saw.

According to the Independent Journal Review, the man contracted by AT&T was in his backyard where he belonged, but instead of digging the hole he was out there with another worker doing something else. The two men were in a fight over something that seemed pretty serious and went to brawls over it in an unusual way.

“Honestly, I couldn’t tell if they were playing around and wrestling or what,” the stunned woman explained who said they had humiliating tactics in solving their differences. “Then I saw some sissy hair pulling and thought, ‘Oh no way! This is for real!’ Two grown men rolling around pulling hair like a bunch of sissy pants.”

The woman and her co-workers began watching and laughing at this unusual “sissy” sight unfold until it didn’t stop and she realized something needed to be done about it. The men don’t work directly for AT&T who contract them out, she called the company to let them know what the workers were up to. She said AT&T was very helpful and appreciated how they handled it.

Worker Says He Needs To Dig A Hole In Woman's Yard For Repairs, Then She Checks Surveillance Vid

The boss came out to the yard and broke the quarreling duo up since they weren’t going to stop without some intervention. Although the job didn’t get done by them in the end, AT&T ensured it was completed by competent workers.

While the woman and her friends found the footage humorous, she said there’s a lesson to be learned here. You never know what contractors are going to do at your home when you’re not there and having a security camera helps. While these guys didn’t take their job seriously, this woman did and couldn’t take an entire day off to babysit these idiots.

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